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Rise & Shine…It’s a New Day! by LaShaunn Tappler
God wants us to have joy every day of our lives—even on the worst days!
How can you have joy through the good and the bad? Wake up every morning, knowing that it’s a new day! The best way to start the day is to give thanks to God for what He’s done for you, and ask Him how you can be a blessing to other people.
God has created a new day, and He wants you to enjoy it. You can enjoy the day—and life—by making a conscious decision to commit to four things:

1. Check Your  Attitude.
Each day holds the possibility to introduce circumstances that could upset you—things like a disobedient child or an unexpected car repair. However, you can choose peace and self-control.
Although God doesn’t necessarily create difficult situations for us, 
He will use them to teach us lessons and/or develop our character.

And when we focus on God and loving others, instead of ourselves and our circumstances, we demonstrate an attitude that honors God. 

Rest assured that no matter what happens during our lifetime, God is working everything out for our good.

2. Take responsibility for Your own Happiness.
You simply cannot rely on someone else to make you happy; you must take responsibility for your own happiness.
Do, or take the time to discover, what it is you really enjoy doing. Use that activity to help you relax and unwind. When you do what you enjoy doing, you’ll be happy naturally.

3. Be confident in who and whose you are.
When you feel discouraged about yourself or your circumstances, remember that God made you and loves you as-is. He is directing your path. And He’ll be with you every step you take.

4. Put God and others first.
Spend time each morning to deliberately focus on the good things God has done in your life. Think about all the dangers and difficulties He’s brought you through, the ways He’s changed you, and healed you. It’s good to know He cares for you and hears your prayers.

When you set your mind on God each morning, He’ll give the peace and joy you need to love others every day of your life.

Tell us what's on your Heart.  
Remember, it is your testimony that helps others overcome the enemy.  What you share has the potential to not only impact someone's life, but their eternity.


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