About Us


You have just walked into Victory!

Welcome to Victory—a place where people are free to worship God, empowered through the Word of God, and equipped with the resources to strengthen their walk with God.

We’re not a church of religion; we’re a church of relationship. First and foremost, we honor our relationship with God, which leads to healthier relationships at home, work, school, church, and everyday life.

Whether you’re new to church, or have attended church all your life, there’s a place for you @Victory. We’re a progressive, fun, and caring family who loves God, loves one another, and loves our assignment—to win the world to Christ.

Who Are We


At Victory, our hope comes from believing in and trusting Jesus Christ.  The more we know God our faith grows as a result. We obtain hope by attending worship every Sunday at one of our three campuses, growing in God’s word by engaging in Bible Study by attending Biblical Life Studies on Wednesday’s at 7pm, and participating in prayer our regular prayer services


At Victory, we believe God created us to “enjoy life together.” By creating an authentic community, we benefit and grow from cultivating meaningful relationships that bring healing, encouragement, and joy to our lives and others.  We foster healing by participating in Life Groups.  A LifeGroup is gathering of three or more people with common interest, who meet regularly, to build meaningful relationships as they grow in Christ.  It is our goal that every member of Victory would be connected to a LifeGroup. Click Here to find a LifeGroup that is right for you.  If you do not find a LifeGroup that is right for you, you can start one!


At Victory, our desire is for all people to understand their purpose, discover their spiritual gifts and then use it to make a difference in the world for Christ.  We ask each Victory Walker to give yourself away (G.Y.A.) by 1) Jumping in to serve on a ministry, 2) Give40, by serving in the community 3.33 hours per month and 3) perform acts of kinds using Gift’ed by God cards so that the world knows God loves them.