Invite a Group to Your Worship & Watch Party!

Want to bring your friends and family together for a worship experience, but they are all over the map? No problem. Host a Victory Worship & Watch Party on YouTube. 
Why? This is a great way to connect with your group in your own virtual room, while tuning into a Victory worship experience.
Benefits: Group Chat – Synchronized Video – Time Together!
Starting a Worship & Watch Party is Easy

Click on the video and the YouTube party extension will light up. If you do not see the red icon, make sure you pin the extension to your extension bar.

Click the extension icon and press, "Start the Party!"

Send the link to your Worship & Watch Party to your guests. Once they click, they'll automatically join your session. Remember, your guests MUST have the YouTube Party Extension downloaded to join your party.

Bolingbrook Campus

Victory City CAmpus